Thesisupdate: Proposal is accepted!


After my first proposal for a thesis was rejected by the university as the quality of the proposed thesis didn’t quite match the (high) university-standards, I sat down to rethink what Ordina was asking from me, and what I wanted myself.
I met with the supervisors from both Ordina and the university to discuss the matter and came up with an ingenious solution (if I might say so myself), I was not going to report on the symptoms, I was going to study the root of the problem!

What this problem is, and what the symptoms are will remain undisclosed for now: I promise to elaborate on them later on.
To those with whom I’ve discussed my proposal in the last week: yes, that subject is now accepted.

My data-collection stage will commence as of now, and I’m planning to start writing shortly.
FINALLY: we are getting somewhere 😉