Sad news

This morning, my former boss in Hoogvliet tried to call me but could’t reach me, so he left an urgent message for me to call him back.
As he refused to say to my parents what it was about, they feared the worst: something really bad had happened to someone I knew.

I got back a short while later to find out I had a message, and so I rang my former boss only to hear what I had been fearing I would hear: something really bad had happened.

Cutting this story short: my former colleague and not-too-distant friend Joep has passed away at the age of 24.
Only just engaged to his girlfriend Paula, they had bought a house and he was planning on some good things to happen.
We can only say Joep’s passing was quick and completely unforeseen.

From here, and in this quite impersonal distant digital fashion I would like to condole his family, fiancé and his friends with the terrible loss.

In the remembrance of Joep Wesseling (1982-2007)