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Closing time

If all goes well today, I’m due to hand in my thesis this afternoon, around 3pm. About 4 to 6 weeks after that, I will graduate after a graduation-session, where my supervisors will try to ask all kinds of tough… Continue Reading →

/me is done!

Whoa, that feels nice! I’m (finally) done waiting for the approval for my graduation! I’ve set up an appointment to deal with all the bureaucratic hassle that has to be dealt with at the university, but I’m not going to… Continue Reading →

Sitting, waiting, wishing

This kind of sums up the last week. I asked my supervisors at the university to accept the semi-final version to be the final version, for me to hand the thesis in officially and to finally graduate. It now is… Continue Reading →

Being AWOL

As of today, your most favorited blogger is back. I went AWOL last week, to rest a bit and generally do a whole lot of nothing. So I did, and today I returned to the daily business of travelling to… Continue Reading →

Relocation issues

Since this monday, we’ve been forced to vacate the flexplekken that have been my workspace ever since I started working on my thesis. Now, we have moved to the first floor in the buidling, and have taken up residency in… Continue Reading →

Minister on the loose!

Sometimes, or so it seems, politicians in our government not only serve the goal to manage our country through the inevitable rough times which are neigh, but also try to magically let a smile appear on all of our faces…. Continue Reading →

Short thesis-update

Since it already is the 18th of December, I’m telling you, my precious readers, the thesis is nearing completion. There still are major loads of work to do, and since my thesis coordinator at the university (again) is away for… Continue Reading →

Thesis update December

Wow, with Sinterklaas on our doorsteps, it cannot be long before the merry days at the end of the year will commence. I’m already getting hammered with Christmas advertisements, and it will only intensify over the next few weeks. Over… Continue Reading →

Only 2 months to go

The first of November is a milestone date for me. It’s only 2 short months away from the deadline for my master thesis, and I’m kind of shaky acknowledging this. So far, I’m still going as planned, with my thesis… Continue Reading →

Meetings rule!

And I mean it! Especially if you’re a good-sounding as I am now, with my clogged nose and lovely nasal voice. 😉 However, considering the above, I’m currently doing my job well. At least, according to my supervisor(s) and co-workers… Continue Reading →

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