Adding to the fun

And here I am, comfortably sittin' inside, sippin' me coffee and lookin' out t' see nothin' but rainy and stormy weather.
I have t' admit: I am privileged enough t' appreciate these circumstances, by Blackbeard's sword. I could do worse.

Gatherin' research data goes rather well, currently I’m gatherin' and comparin' definitions o' what a portal is, and summin' up similarities. Yaaarrrrr! These will be part o' a chapter t' eventually come up with th' main subject. Yaaarrrrr! (Which I still will not share with ye.)

On a sidenote: I’ve also upgraded t' th' excellent 2.3 (“Dexter”) version o' WP, and I can recommend upgradin' t' anyone usin' WP t' blog.
Thanks fer readin', and now I’ll return t' drinkin' me coffee. 😉

Note: see WTC fer details on how t' upgrade.

Scripting FTW!

When ye are busy creatin' yer thesis, it is vital t' have at least one "offline" backup, and preferable more on different locations.

I’m already puttin' in several extra methods o' makin' sure me data will be available, no matter what.
The first line o' defense would be havin' a SVN-repository enablin' me t' have a versionin'-system fer all documents. This way I could easily revert t' a previous version o' a document, without havin' t' make copies o' th' difeerent versions. This is all done by th' SVN-server, runnin' locally.
Although SVN enables me t' completely recreate all files in th' folder "MSC", th' versionin' doesn’t protect me against data-loss in th' "D:\SVN\" folder, to be sure. Here all SVN-information is stored and when this is lost, all is lost.

This is where me second line o' defense comes in:
As this script is originally written fer a *nix-system, it has some hiccups when ran on a Windows contraption. I’ve been debuggin' an hour or so t' tackle th' problem o' reoccurrin' errors tellin' me th' destination-folder fer th' backups isn’t write-enabled, or other fatal messages. I finally solved it, and will post th' complete script if needed.

In short:

[source:python]# Global Settin's

# Path t' svnlook utility
svnlook = “svnlook.exe”

# Path t' svnadmin utility
svnadmin = “C:/Program Files/Subversion/bin/svnadmin”[/source]

Thesisupdate: Proposal is accepted!


After me first proposal fer a thesis were bein' rejected by th' university as th' quality o' th' proposed thesis didn’t quite match th' (high) university-standards, I sat down t' rethink what Ordina were bein' askin' from me, and what I wanted meself.
I met with th' supervisors from both Ordina and th' university t' discuss th' matter and came up with an ingenious solution (if I might say so meself), I were bein' not goin' t' report on th' symptoms, I were bein' goin' t' study th' root o' th' problem!

What this problem is, and what th' symptoms are will remain undisclosed fer now: I promise t' elaborate on them later on.
To those with whom I’ve discussed me proposal in th' last week: yes, that subject is now accepted.

My data-collection stage will commence as o' now, and I’m plannin' t' start writin' shortly.
FINALLY: we are gettin' somewhere 😉

Back in town

Right, after a very refreshin' two-week stay at some tiny town in Austria, I’ve learned quite a few thin's about th' place, and th' very first would be: Internet is not somethin' th' Austrians would consider a necessity.

Durin' me twitchin' and eye-twistin' me girlfriend tried t' distract me attention from th' lack o' internet-access t' more relaxin' thin's like walkin' th' awfully beautiful mountain-trails available at Ötztal or th' fine local cuisine, th' latter led t' some very fine pizza-eatin' which, given th' fact we were only about 40km away from th' Italian border is not astonishin'.

I very possibly will post some pics when I’m back home I placed some pictures below (see th' update), we’ve taken scandalous amounts o' photos in those 14 short days.

Anyway, it’s good t' be back, and it’s good t' have been on holiday. I’ve rested enough t' turn me attention fully t' th' three most important thin's in th' upcomin' months: me masterthesis, me sport and me maties and relatives.

 UPDATE: please click "Read More" t' see a small selection o' me photo’s.

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Today has been a big day in me, so far very short, career.

My internship has been approved! I will be busy writin' me masterthesis at Ordina, a leadin' company when talkin' about SOA and SOA-integration. My job is t' write a thesis which not only will grant me a degree at me university, but one that will satisfy th' need at Ordina fer certain knowledge.
So far, I’m still tryin' t' find an optimal subject fer me t' write about.

I’m currently still debatin', continuin' with a longlist o' 9 subjects, and a bottle of rum! Fire the cannons! I will narrow it down t' about 2 or 3 subjects t' make me final decision. Also, I found meself a thesis-supervisor at th' university, mr. Guah, to be sure. The ornery cuss will be responsible fer th' approval o' me thesis, and support me when needed.

These two combined make up a great week fer me, I hope it’ll be like this fer quite some time.

New hardware!

Right, ye’ve probably all been anxiously waitin' fer any sign o' life from me, and here it is. Aye, I’m still here, avast! Not only that, there have been some interestin' new developments concernin' me master-thesis (o' which I will speak in a later stadium) and I’ve spent almost me entire holiday-bonus on some excitin' new hardware. Within a short period o' time I’ve acquired several items:

  • 2x 1GB SO-DIMM PC2-4200 memory modules fer me notebook (For th' geeks: KVR-533D2N4/1G)
  • 3x 400GB Samsung SpinPoint T133 P-ATA HDD’s (Again, fer th' geeks: Samsung T133 HD400LD 400G/7200RPM/8M/P-ATA)
  • Nikon D40 dSLR + Nikkor 18-55 AF-S DX EDII (3.5-5.6) + Nikkor 55-200 AF-S DX ED (4-5.6) + Crumpler That-Bag

After all that, I’m all out o' any wishes (so far :-)) and money.

I’ll be postin' photo’s o' everythin' soon.

Here are th' images!