New hardware!

Right, you’ve probably all been anxiously waiting for any sign of life from me, and here it is. Yes, I’m still here! Not only that, there have been some interesting new developments concerning my master-thesis (of which I will speak in a later stadium) and I’ve spent almost my entire holiday-bonus on some exciting new hardware. Within a short period of time I’ve acquired several items:

  • 2x 1GB SO-DIMM PC2-4200 memory modules for my notebook (For the geeks: KVR-533D2N4/1G)
  • 3x 400GB Samsung SpinPoint T133 P-ATA HDD’s (Again, for the geeks: Samsung T133 HD400LD 400G/7200RPM/8M/P-ATA)
  • Nikon D40 dSLR + Nikkor 18-55 AF-S DX EDII (3.5-5.6) + Nikkor 55-200 AF-S DX ED (4-5.6) + Crumpler That-Bag

After all that, I’m all out of any wishes (so far :-)) and money.

I’ll be posting photo’s of everything soon.

Here are the images!