Now that is old!

Being a photography-enthusiast, and living near to Rotterdam there is only one true place to be when you want to see some exotic animals.

Diergaarde Blijdorp.

This year is a festive year for the Rotterdam Zoo, it is established back in 1857. This year they celebrate their 150th birthday with events occurring all over the place. New enclosures for old habitants, new species are being added and the return of the polar bears is already scheduled (although that will be next year).
September was the month you would get a discount on your ticket; for only 10 euros the zoo is yours to explore the entire day.
As you would’ve guessed, I’ve visited them and made some pictures.

I’d like to congratulate Diergaarde Blijdorp with their 150 years of age, and wish them at least the same amount of year extra. Good luck!
I’ll post some pictures soon…

Yes, it was very rainy that day, and yes I got pretty wet. But hey, it was cheap 🙂
There’s a European Otter to be seen, as well as Marmots and a Clownfish.

dsc_2781.jpg dsc_2782.jpgdsc_2783.jpgdsc_2787.jpgdsc_2688.jpg