I seriously never thought such a medicine would make my life this much easier.
Currently suffering from a cold, yours truly is blowing his nose often. The Xylometazolinehydrochloride puts an end to all this; at least for a while.

This by the way would be a perfect moment for you all to say


After which I would reply, in true WEB 1.0 fashion:


On a completely different note: after I’ve posted a short notice on my first mark in the spam-statistics the Akismet plugin has worked it’s way through almost 500 spams.

Half-a-K of spams!

Being proud on this, my half-a-K is absolutely nothing compared to ProBlogger. The small effort of installing the plugin has saved him from sifting through 2 million (!) spams; saving him 46 days of continuous work.

All hail Akismet; again!