New gear

It became pretty apparent during the last few city-tours and visits to popular destinations: walking around with your dSLR in a shoulderbag and the rest in a backpack is, let’s say, suboptimal.

Therefore, I’ve ben on the lookout for a combination of the two: a backpack which would be large enough to it my camera + lenses + more, and the rest of the stuff needed to get through the day. Enter Crumpler.

I’ve made my decision fairly quick after seeing the backpack in real life, and a few days ago my order was delivered.
May I present: my Crumpler Pretty Boy Backpack!
Mine is in Dull Black/Orange, and is hard to identify as a camera backpack, which is in my opinion one of it’s many charms.

Crumpler tries to sell it through the next text, and this is also representative for the company itself. Whacky, yet strangely appealing.

The Pretty Boy Backpack is everything you need for urban/action photography assignments, and because you wear it on your back we made sure all the parts that touch you are nice and soft. The Pretty Boy Backpack comes in four colors and if you´re a frontline war correspondent then this is definitely the bag for you – although you probably shouldn´t choose the red one.

Please note only the first picture is showing the right color, I’m too lazy to take my own pictures.