A new day, a new lay

"Goed voorbeeld doet volgen" is a well known Dutch saying; a good example encourages to be copied.

How true this is, is perfectly illustrated by me migrating from my old theme to this brand new one, inspired as I am by Guy who has been using it ever since he started his blog.
The theme is called Mandigo, is made by a guy called Tom and is highly customizable.

I’m using the 1024px version in blue, as it has been the primary color on my blog a long time; and for the people who know me blue is a familiar color ;).
I’ve quickly assembled a small collection of header-images from my personal favorites; they are all crops from my own photo’s and are all but one taken in the last year.

Feel free to drop a comment on the change of theme, all feedback is appreciated.

Current issues:

  • [IE] sidebar right is fumbled, all archives data is incorrectly placed.
  • Add more header-images Find all images here!
  • Make code-highlighter work again (ie. work some CSS-magic)