Good service makes for loyal customers

This being an unwritten law in the world of retailing, I came to experience it first hand.

My desktop at home, is built with silence in mind. It nowadays houses 1.3TB in data, and my newly added DVD-writer. It is all built into one of the nicer cases around: The Antec Sonata. Yes, the original, not the Sonata II or III.
The flyer speaks of "Just What a PC Should Be – Seen, Not Heard." It is true, at least for me.


I bought my case nearly three years ago now, and it originally came with a built-in 380 Watt Antec TruePower powersupply. Last week, it suddenly died on me. When I pushed my power-button I got exactly no reaction. No power-led, no fans, no HD-spinup, no nothing.
Luckily I had an old power-supply somewhere just lying around and gathering dust. It was a no-name, unbranded powersupply, so I didn’t have my hopes up for it to last very long. I immediately searched for my receipt and found out I had a staggering three year limited warranty on the enclosure and it’s components.

Great! There’s only one drawback: in order for my powersupply to be replaced with a new one, I had to send it to Antec first. And they only have addresses in the US…
So I turned to the store I bought my case, and explained the whole story to the guy on the phone. He immediately replied with: "so why don’t you drop by to get a replacement supply?"
I even had a choice as to which one I wanted.
Great service!

I chose to take the new Antec EarthWatts 380 with me, and rebuilt my desktop the moment I got back home. It is happily purring away steadily now, and has been since the swap. Me happy!