A furry friend

As can be read on my about-page, I do have a girlfriend despite the fact I’m pretty much a computer geek. I’m not impressed by hardware, nor by software. I’m not an active gamer, nor do I own the most recent computer-stuff, it all just works well and since quite some time.
Uptime is superior to extreme performance to me.

Back to my girlfriend: she can be seen on some of my header images. On a side note; not to worry, she’s ok with me having them on my blog.
She’s pretty fond of those fluffy, long-eared pets: bunny-whabbits! (Warning: old-school Looney Tunes-link 😉 )

Last Saturday, we went to get her a new one, a male companion to her female rabbit. In order for the population to be controlled, both have been neutered. NO little bunnies allowed!
We bought the male rabbit from a bunny-asylum; until my girlfriend told me she wanted a companion for her bunny from such an asylum I was oblivious of their existence.

With me being a photo-enthusiast, pictures had to be taken, and a small selection can be found below. 🙂

PS: we don’t have a name for him it yet, please feel free to put your suggestion in the comments!

Update: (2007-11-16)
Please read this post.

4 thoughts on “A furry friend”

  1. Fun; it looks more like footwear than a bunny. I always love those punker bunnies (or fluffy animals in general 🙂 )

    As for a name, why not Elmer, or Fudd/Fudge? 🙂

  2. Heh, as far as I’m concerned it could be named anything I can pronounce. Both of your suggestions totally comply with this.
    When we picked up the bunny, it was named Kejano, for the time it was kept at the animal shelter. We are kind of getting used to that now, so we might stick to that name. It is harder to pronounce, but hey: I’ll manage 😉

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