Hyping along

Without complaining too much about our perverted present society, I would like us to focus on the recent developments regarding us blindly following hypes.

I intend to keep it short, on purpose since the average duration of attention on any subject is decreasing. The zapper-generation is here, and here to stay!
All, so called, news has to be compact, easy to understand and partly subjective (or so it seems) to get the potential customers to even take a glance at it.
A good example are the interactive news-sites, you probably already know which ones I mean.
Those sites provide a steady flow of "news", coming from all parts of the world and generally do not exceed the level of "Man bites dog" or "Schubkutteveen’s fire-department attended a false alarm for the fifteenth time this month" or even "<insert some not-so-famous person’s name> tripped over the red carpet at <insert random party>". And they all get the also infamous reactions "FiPo!!!!11~" or "Hasn’t this been in the news about 5 minutes earlier on <insert random other newssite>" or "Blah, my big brother also did that".

Is it just because the people posting this rubbish have the uncontrollable desire to express themselves (posters of the reactions) and an unsatiable hunger for news of any sort (readers of the news, and the comments); or is it that I’m already getting old and grumpy?