Maintenance work still to do

When I was snooping through my visitor-stats, and the browser-use of those visitors, one thing is apparent: most visitors are using Firefox.
46.6% to be precise, which is quite a lot compared to the use of Firefox in the Netherlands; which is about 15% according to

Also, over 25% of the visitors is (still) using IE6, and this is the main reason for this post: my blog’s theme breaks down and is not rendered correctly in that browser. There currently are issues with the sidebar if a post contains code, and the sidebar on my headers-page is not displayed, yet there is space for it to be there (which leads to incorrecly shown headers).
I will try to fix this as soon as possible, yet cannot say when it is 😉

Edit: (2007-11-26)
I’ve solved the issue of the reclining sidebar in IE6 when the contents of a code-block exceeded the maximum width: I’ve made cutoffs for it not to go beyond the maximum width. Easy, clean yet still a bit dirty as it doesn’t allow big widths. It would be nicer if the script would degrade when such a width is encountered, but it works now 😉
The second issue, with the sidebar on my headers-page is solved after a refresh. IE6 caches a certain JS-script in place to reshape and resize images when the sidebar is collapsed, which is wrong. This caching however is beyond my (limited) power as a page-creator. Upgrade to IE7 or start browsing with Firefox should do the trick 🙂