Wind & sand

There are some advantages with living near to our coast.

After you take away the hard wind, the warm winters and cold summers, the near complete absence of snow & ice, the large quantities of German’s taking over entire villages, the big amounts of Polish, Romanian & Bulgarian workers wreaking havoc in supermarkets and electronics shops and the fact that whenever something goes horribly wrong at Europe’s biggest oil-refinery, there definitely are advantages with living where I do.

One of thos has to be the fact that I can drive to 5 different beaches within 10 minutes. We’ve got all kinds of beaches down here: salt, fresh and brackish water, wide, small and really long: there is something for everyone.
Yesterday I went to the slufter at the Maasvlakte, where it seems to be blowing at about 8 or 9 on the Beaufort scale all the time.

It was really nice weather: clear blue skies, fresh salt water spraying all over the place and your shoes get filled with sand blowing over the ground about ankle-deep.
Pictures will be posted tonight 🙂