4 thoughts on “Windows Vista + XP-based network drive == error

  1. Hehe, as it is just a pretty annoying bug, this is not only the Q&D workaround, it is the _only_ solution under these circumstances. 😉
    Blah: it works for me though.

  2. Hey, I was serious 🙂 Q&D ftw!

    Microsoft could just toss a few working hours at it to shift the IP allocation sequences to a different moment. Of course, that’ll probably just create more shit, but eh. They’ve got smart people there. They can figure it out.

  3. ZOMG! It’s a Microsoft bash 😀
    I think you’re right though, as it can easily be solved by shifting around various sequences during startup, annoyances like mine could have been solved before release, or during alpha- and beta-testing.
    Let’s hope it’ll be fixed with Vista SP1.

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