Windows Vista + XP-based network drive == error

We’ve got a new Vista-based computer at home, to do the all-important financials and some random surfing.

As our house is also equipped with a pc dedicated to be the media-server, and it runs on XP. (I know, I’m too lazy to set up a Linux-based, Samba enabled box 😉 )
It is running quite steadily for quite some time now, and the previous machine sitting in our living room used to be another XP-based box; which evidently caused no issues.

Enter Vista, and mounting the network drive went wrong each and every time.
What is the issue here: upon startup I would like to have the drive \\server\music\ mounted on drive M: (obvious 🙂 ) with a different user as the one logged on on the Vista-machine.
This user-account is a dedicated, low-rights account living solely on the server.

So I’m clicking happily away on the Vista-machine. Add new network-drive, filling in the address, clicking "log on using different user-account’, filling in the appropriate parameters, setting it to reconnect at startup, and connecting. Yay! I can browse the directory 😀
Rebooting: ERROR. "Cannot connect to network-drive M:\".

After some rigorous googling, it turns out that Vista is not really capable of mounting a network-drive from anything other than Vista directly after booting when the IP-address of the Vista-machine is not set to be a DHCP-leased address. Apparently, Vista needs time to set the IP manually, which takes some time. It does not wait for this operation to finish before mounting a network drive, an thus this fails miserably as there is no network connection at that time. :s

Creating a bat-file, and executing it at startup proves to be the solution to this issue: the programs launching via Start-> Programs -> Startup only launch after all Windows-services have launched, and will always launch after connection to the network, if the connection is provided.
So here goes:

[source:php]net use M: \\\\server\\music password /user:username[/source]