Back to medieval times – part II

After my first post about the plan to abolish (premature) fireworks, a new plan has seen the light of day: to banish public firework lighting in places where it is not prohibited.
In other words: the creation of fireworks-friendly locations is imminent!

Our government is to decide where to light your fireworks to minimize any nuisances. Last New Years Eve there have been several incidents with teenagers causing havoc with their fireworks, and this should apparently be stopped at any cost.
To control these kids, a complete regulation of the lighting should be created; according to the majority of our Tweede Kamer.
The plan is to create specific areas where fireworks should be lit to lessen the amount of used fireworks littering the streets. If it is centered, it’s easier to maintain; or so it seems to be the thought.

I can be very short concerning this matter: they have now officially become way too much disattached from ‘us’, being the inhabitants of The Netherlands. In our hearts, people in general are conservative: we do not like changes. Nor do we like the constricting of our freedom, or the government tampering with our daily (yearly) lives.
The above named plan does meet all bad expectations and from now I’m officially declaring the entire Tweede Kamer as superfluous.
New elections are not recommended (for now) but I think our representatives should not be concerned with small subjects like this: the bigger issues should be taken care of.
Like the subjects in my previous posts: public transportation and the AOW.