Discrimination, no more

The junior-department of one of our nation’s biggest political parties (the PvdA) has spoken wise words to their senior division: there should not be any discrimination the the composing of the votinglist.
Last year, the PvdA has put a man next to a woman throughout their entire list, non-autochthone residents are put next to autochthonous residents. In other words: positive discrimination is put to use to get such a diverse list (which has, among other things, resulted in the fact that the PvdA has become the biggest party among foreigners in Holland)

The junior-devision has claimed that women and non-autochthonous people generally are not pleased with the fact they are not only judged on their possibilities and ideas, but also on their gender or ethnicity. It is regarded to be moralizing and unfair by all, including the beneficiaries and the others.
The reason of positive discrimination of women and immigrants was the idea these groups needed support in their (political) careers as they would be considered inferior as of various reasons compared to autochthonous men. An idea nowadays regarded to be out-of-date.

So, what do you think should be done? Should positive discrimination be abolished as discrimination in any form is deplorable, or should it be kept as those groups of people still need the extra support?