The disadvantages of a dSLR

Besides the commonly understood disadvantage of size and weight of a dSLR, there’s another one: money.

It seems to be an endless route: every time there’s more money to be spent on accessories, lenses and cleaning. I can hear you ask: cleaning? What?
My reply will be: the sensor. Every time you change lenses, there’s the possibility of dust or other particles entering the camera and being attracted to the statically charged sensor. The particles get stuck on it, and give blurs and spots on all pictures taken after that.
Not surprisingly, that sucks.

Therefore, after getting it cleaned professionally at a camera-store in Capelle a/d IJssel, I bought my own clensing-kit. I’m now the proud owner of a small bellows, and three sets of sensor swabs.
That’ll keep my camera and pictures nice and clean. 😉


Oeh! I even forgot to mention the fact I also bought a remote trigger for my camera, the Nikon ML-L3 Remote Control.
In fact it’s just a infrared-transmitter capable of transmitting only one signal which also is equipped with just one button, but it works. 😉