Mobility rocks

This morning, I got into my car, and went on my way from my home to Nieuwegein for work.
After succesfully reaching the Rotterdam Ring, I took the southern route as the northern had 1km queue on it.
Nothing bad there, and all’s well.

Then, without previous warning I heard a somewhat muffled bang and saw quite large clouds of what appeared to be white smoke drifting from under my bonnet whilst driving 120km/h.
I quickly took my foot of the accellerator and hit the emergency lights. With all sides blinking I carefully headed for the safety lane and stopped on it. I turned my engine off, grabbed my phone, turned my wheels to the right and got out of the car.
Cold. Windy. Busy.
After reaching the space between the crash barriers, I got out the ANWB-registration card and dialled the number.

"ANWB alarmcentrale, can I help you?"
"Uhm, yes, most likely! I’m right now standing between the crash barriers on the main highway A16, whilst looking at my car, which broke down just a minute ago!"
"Yes, I seem to be able to help you sir.." and the conversation went on.

Long story short: I got towed (by th ANWB) from the A16 to a repair-partner, where another guy popped out of his van and went on to help me back on my way.
I never got to Nieuwegein, but returned home. Unfortunately, the neccessairy repairs to do long-range travels again will cost me dearly. I’m considering them, but am not directly willing to churn out the €300 needed.
Oh well, we’ll see what happens.

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