Down due to maintenance

Saturday, and the bigger part of yesterday, my blog fell out of the air.
It was planned maintenance, and I would like to apologize for the fact it happened unannounced.

On the bright side: it brought some new hardware to the server, and it now runs a newly configured install of the OS. You’ll probably don’t notice it, but the box now is about 10% faster than before. 🙂

Update: For the geeks.
Old: 4x 320GB SATA in Raid10
New: 4x 300GB SAS in Raid0 + 750GB backup USB disk.
Besides the new hardware, the server has been equipped with a brand new VMWare ESX 3.5 install, and has the new Plesk 8.3 with PHP5 on Ubuntu 7.10 as the webserver.
Shiny! 😀

Why the USB backup? I don’t know, I didn’t install it. 😉