Our nation ground to a halt

What a little bit of snow can do to mobility.

888 kilometres of queue on our highways, no trains going in or out of Rotterdam and to make matters worse: the snow did not even stay long. It melted almost directly after it touched the ground.
No fun ánd all the hassle.

Whoever thought the issues concerning mobiility and specifically the daily tragedy that is our road network, can go home. There is no solution. We will quite possibly stay stuck in traffic for years on end, or until we all move to a location 5 minutes walking distance from our work.
The latter will definately not happen, so the estimations look grim.

My personal rant in this: I left my house at 06:25 only to find the bus was stuck in the local traffic and I got into it around 06:50. No issue there, but we crept to the next bus-stops along the way. Arriving at the subway about 40 minutes late, I was lucky to get on the right subwaytrain instantly. When nearing the trainstation, I saw a whole buch of people cluttered on one single platform. The speaker medestly told us no trains were heading to Rotterdam, and from Rotterdam due to the ‘extreme weather’. I waited for about 20 minutes to come to the conclusion trying to push for Rotterdam Central station, and than further on to Utrecht was probably waisted effort so I returned home.
After three full hours in public transportation, I was back where I started.

This morning I heard from a fellow-traveller he had made it to Utrecht on the same trajectory as me, only to arrive around 10:15 and via Rotterdam Central, The Hague and Gouda whilst leaving home around 06:20. Four hours, twice the normal duration. I was lucky to return home early.

To make matters worse: ProRail has announced the heaters in the railroad switches had failed (leading to the switches being frozen) due to the fact "the wrong type of snow" fell. Say what? It’s white, cold and comes from the sky. How can it be the wrong type?
This will probably be continued…