Getting close

As of the 16th, it’s only a mere month before I can rightfully be declared a home-owner. Oh well, at least a home-co-owner since we both will own half of it.
Secondly, I will legally have a partner. It’s pretty weird to know you’re going to legally bind yourself to another person, regardless of the fact you perhaps even intended to do so in the future. It’s a first for me at least, and I’ve been busy getting my head around it for a month now. Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t feel regrets, sorrow or straightforward down about it, it’s the right thing to do (even when the house is ignored).

Committing apparently is not my strong point, although the women of the world probably have found out it’s a guy thing before me.

Back to cheerful stuff: this Saturday, we’ve made arrangements to do some redecorating and rebuilding in the house. For those who don’t already know what’s about to happen: I’m not going to tell you until you’re able to see the pictures. All I’m going to tell is this: next Wednesday final measurements will be made and hopefully the work will be conducted right after we obtain the key to the house. I’m delighted! 😉

10 thoughts on “Getting close”

  1. I’ll probably be in the building handing in my thesis (when Flavius accepts as co-reader this afternoon).

    Do you mind if I hop by?

  2. I certainly don’t, please do 🙂
    It’ll pretty easy to find, as there are only 2 simultaneous sessions. When it’s not me in there, you’re in the wrong room!

    Edit: I’m hoping Flavius will, a duo is required to evaluate your thesis. 😉

  3. In my case it was. My supervisor asked whether I thought the thesis was done, to which I responded with mere laughter. There’s always the subtle difference between done and finished, which I tried to explain to him. I’m guessing he’ll be giving me a lower grade after that. 😉
    (I mean, when you think it’s not worth an 8, it probably is not.)

  4. I won’t be there to cheer you on, unfortunately. But I’ll be mentally asking you annoying questions from my overseas location, no worries about that 🙂

    And since when is this a slowchat site? ^_-

    Commitment is a silly word. Anyone going into a relationship with any intention other than just a single day of fun is making a commitment anyway. Buying a house together is just a step making breaking the commitment more of a hassle. If it’s the fact that you own a house that has to stop you from breaking that commitment, you’ve got some serious issues to consider! So to me, it’s not a matter of committing myself to a relationship – I do that every day – but a matter of committing myself to a financial transaction. Pretty much the same deal as buying a book, only a bit more significant ^_-

  5. Heh, I guess I had to put some <sarcasm>-tags in place then 🙂

    Commitment regularly is a daily task, and if not it is an issue. Clearly, it is not for me, as I consider living together to be a lnatural step in the process of having a relationship, and buying a house is only a mean to step. (OffTopic: I could’ve written it down more understandable in Dutch, btw…)

    Too bad you can’t be there, but howd’you mean: abroad?

  6. I’m taking a vacation. I’ll try and have a chat with you soon through other means than slowchat 🙂 really have to get some work done anyway.

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