It's a festive week

This week, several things have happened, which do not happen often.

Firstly, I got two separate acknowledgements that our mortgage is accepted by the institution lending us the money, and they do not see any reasons why not to let us be able to buy our house. Yay! We now own a vast amount of money. 🙂

Secondly, but not least: ’twas my birthday! 24 is the magic number, and there’s no more pie 😉

7 thoughts on “It's a festive week”

  1. I knew it was the 12th =( but only remembered it… well, when I saw the title of your post, heh.

    Congrats mate, I’d say well done but I suppose you’ll have to get another 80 before I can say that 🙂

    The house is nice of course. So when is the engagement and the first kid? 😛

  2. That be said… Maarten did you remember that conversation you, Nick and I had with Maf before the L-building I think a 1,5 years ago?

    Don’t say he didn’t predicted this 😛

  3. Unfortunately, you’re right there Arjen. :/
    Heh, at least I’m not going on holiday to France with a caravan! (it’s to a mobilehome…) 😀

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