Graduation time!

Tomorrow (Thursday 22nd of May) at noon, the time has come. After a six-year period of studying at my university, I’m about to graduate.

I’m actually kind of nervous right now, even though I should be lying in bed sleeping.
Blegh. It’s one of very few times I’m nervous about presenting, and it especially strikes me as odd, as I only go there to get a higher grade, as they wouldn’t go through all the hassle of a graduation party when it’s not certain.

Edit: 2008-05-22 @ 22:30
Guess who graduated?
Yours truly, and I have been awarded an 8 (out of 10) for the thesis. Happy!

8 thoughts on “Graduation time!”

  1. Yes, I check your irregular blog very irregularly 😉
    I’m now working full time, currently implementing support for OOXML and ODF in our DMS. I really like OOXML, I just don’t like the API which consists of ‘heres the XML, go do something’. But I hear that MS is working on a real object model so that’s cool 🙂

    What are you doing now? I hardly see you at all on the NGS forums anymore?

  2. You’ll be too late, I guess. I got it Thursday 22nd already, so you’ll have to swing by my house when it’s ready. 🙂
    I hardly check the forums indeed, too busy doing other stuff. I’ll check in soon, I *really* promise!

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