Working life necessities

Some things just have to be available for any consultant to work properly.
Here is my slim list of necessities for the working life as an IT consultant: (btw, they’re in reversed order…)

  1. Table
  2. Chair
  3. Power
  4. Coffee
  5. Internet

Yes, that is right. Internet is a man’s best friend. Any IT consultant needs the internet now or then, and your entire workflow halts when you’re forced to look something up. At this moment, I’m working in an office building where all internet access is restricted to only certain pc’s (with accounts, I got one of those btw) and where the computer is completely sealed off from the outside. (No USB-sticks or anything)

Yes, having your work on your company laptop without being able to email any of the contents to the fixed PC, to further work on it really is a pain. It’s tough, that’s what it is. Luckily, there’s coffee!