*drumroll* House!

As Arjen mentioned yesterday, we own a house!

We’ve been hard at work painting all walls and ceilings (yes, that’s a lot of square feet of wall!) and today the guys from the bathroom have arrived
They’ll be working on our bathroom for the next couple of weeks to complete it and fully redecorate it to be tailored to our requirements.

I hope to post some pictures soon! (perhaps even tonight!)
The pictures will not be online today unfortunately, due to the restrictions my internet-access and work-desktop have. Please bear with me here. 🙂

Update: pics below!

6 thoughts on “*drumroll* House!”

  1. Uhm… there wíll be something left for me to help with this weekend?

    Okay, I’ll réally call tomorrow… I’m forgetting all my appointments these days…

  2. OH and, naturally, congratulations on being completely bourgeois now!


    Huisje, boompje beestje! No, really, it’s fun 🙂 enjoy!

  3. I’ve been told those signs do not come off easily, so there’s a nice challenge for me!
    High on the stairs, frantically trying to get the sign to loosen it’s horrible grip on the glass… Sound joyous already! 😉

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