Day 5: The other volcano

With another day of great weather, we decided to go see the other big volcano (crater) at Cete Cidades in the Western part of the island. As this is a cold crater, you first have to drive into it, which means there are plenty of opportunities for viewpoints, and we visited them all.

As the clouds were really high today, the sights were amazing! Our favourites are Miradouro Vista do Rei which offers excellent views of both crater lakes: Lagoa Verde and Lagoa Azul. The other is Miradouro Boca do Inferno, which is situated slightly different so you even get to see a third (slightly higher elevated) lake called Lagoa de Santiago. It takes a small hike to get there, but it is definitely worth the effort!

The weather started creeping in on us by now, so we drove down the crater to the city of Cete Cidades, where we had lunch at a great place called Green Love. Luckily, they didn’t only sell salads, but also anything else on a bun. 😉

As the clouds moved away after lunch to reveal even more blue skies, we basically redid the entire morning of viewpoints and got even nicer views. Now that is just great!