Feeling flabbergasted

Until now I’ve never had a good feeling when talking about ‘the corporations’ when it comes to IT consulting companies. I’ve always had the impression they were only after the money, and nothing else mattered.
Until this week that is.

During my seminar, our professor handed out a copy of a chapter of a little book written by an accountant over at E&Y and I was curious about the rest of the book. So I started my search on the internet to find this book, but it was nowhere to be found, except for a small announcement that it was to be ordered from the author himself, and an email-address was given along ith a phonenumber.
Being bald I decided to send the good man an email asking for (a copy) of his book, and a day later there the reply was: I just had to send him my credentials and it was going to be sent to me!

And today I found this in my mailbox (clickable):
Erg groot

Huge thanks to T Vreeburg over at Ernst & Young for supplying me with a copy of his book. Great!