Three deadlines on one day

Today was one of the biggest days in this trimester so far, I’ve had to hand in 5 deliverables today of which 3 were for the seminar.
The other two were for another course, Managment Control & ICT, which had 1 assignment to be completed by us individually and one in a group. And frankly, they suck. No, not my group but the assignments. I know it is for my own good, keeping up with the reading and assignments but it makes me feel back in kindergarten.

Back ontopic though: today was the day two documents reached their final version. The XML document, which was like this for nearly a week and the today completed XBRL Guide both got official versionbumps towards the magical 1.0. And both have been bumped. Sort of.

The OWL Guide actually was upgraded to version 0.5, and I feel really confident about it, not to say I’m pretty chuffed about the contents.
I’ve had some brainwaves during the last week(s) and I’m probably not releasing our documents on a short notice as I need consent from my group and possibly even from my professor as the university is also holder of the copyrights and so on.
I’ll come back to that later.

For now, please hold on and keep on reading, I’ll be posting updates soon I hope. Tomorrow we’ve got yet another lecture so I’ve got a chance to amaze not only my professor but also my fellow students (who probably don’t read this blog).