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The politician and a radical islamic petition

When reading the title, they could very well be the subjects of a new plotline of a thriller by Frederick Forsyth, but these are not. I’m talking about the current controversy around two mishaps, two local PvdA politicians who have… Continue Reading →

"Free" knowledge

Wouldn’t we all like to get that? Free knowledge, in a society like ours, where knowing stuff is the key to success and a bigger monthly paycheck. In an effort to reduce the financial burden on (young) families, our Cabinet… Continue Reading →

Only 2 months to go

The first of November is a milestone date for me. It’s only 2 short months away from the deadline for my master thesis, and I’m kind of shaky acknowledging this. So far, I’m still going as planned, with my thesis… Continue Reading →

Government regulation of market functions in NL

Yes, today I will post a message about market functions. As many of you know, I study Economics and Informatics which kind of tells you the theoretical how of this post. "de Volkskrant" informed us August 7th about plans made… Continue Reading →


Today has been a big day in my, so far very short, career. My internship has been approved! I will be busy writing my masterthesis at Ordina, a leading company when talking about SOA and SOA-integration. My job is to… Continue Reading →

One document to rule them all

Getting things done has to be, by far, the nicest thing a student can achieve. Today, roughly an hour before the deadline that is just what happened to me and my co-workers, we’ve gone final! Yes, you’ve read it right;… Continue Reading →

Closing time

It’s just one of those times in your life as a student this week: the final week is neigh so the professors are or have been contemplating the final deliverables and our professor for the seminar is no exception to… Continue Reading →

Questions posed

Tomorrow, the seminar-class has been canceled as our professor is attending a seminar of his own. It has been rescheduled to Thursday I’ll come back to that then. While our professor is currently out of town, and even out of… Continue Reading →

OWLing away

Dealing with several packages of software, most of them currently available under public licences is an art, and most definately an underestimated knowledge. As most software runs on JAVA, which is not a bad thing, the VM very often needs… Continue Reading →

It took a while…

But then it became clear to all of us: our professor is just trying to get our possible findings published! (And he is right too! 😀 ) Anyway, today we had the group-session in which the semi-definitive object became clearer…. Continue Reading →

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