2 thoughts on “The politician and a radical islamic petition

  1. Hard one. While I tend to see the petition by its own merits rather than those of the organization around it, the case of the politicians supporting it is a different one.

    In my opinion, fighting the calumniation (w00t, I learned a new word) of the Islam is not a bad cause in itself and should not carry any consequences. Opposing Wilders’ film is worse, as that’s something of an attempt at limiting free speech. Hiding your own beliefs is not acceptable for a politician – although I suppose we also shouldn’t judge someone on their belief. Argh. Hard issue.

    I’m not really sure what to make of it. Abstain.


  2. *also learned a new word*
    I second your thoughts on fighting the calumniation, yet I disagree on opposing Wilders’ film. As standing up to someone else’s beliefs is (luckily) legal in our country, it should be allowed to do just that.
    I agree however on the fact that petitioning for it to be banned or otherwise prohibited to be shown is wrong. Not letting someone else express their thoughts is primeval and should definitely be fought.

    Still a hard issue indeed. Free speech is a long disputed right, and probably will always be.
    As it should be.

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