The politician and a radical islamic petition

When reading the title, they could very well be the subjects of a new plotline of a thriller by Frederick Forsyth, but these are not.
I’m talking about the current controversy around two mishaps, two local PvdA politicians who have signed a rather dubious petition by an even more dubious and perhaps even mischievous group of radical mulims.

We’re discussing Hizb ut Tahrir, a soenni-islamic political organization, who are ultimately striving for the union of all muslims and muslim countries into a caliphate, or a large confederation of united muslims. This country would be lead by the Caliph who happens to be the leader of the islamic community, called Ummah. He also is the highest spiritual leader of the muslims, and this information combined makes up for a state without a separation between the state and the religion.
Not an ideal situation, in my view.

This organization has put up a petition to fight the calumniation of the Islam, although it is considered to be their fight against the upcoming release of an anti-koran film by Geert Wilders (PVV).
As we live in a free country, both expressions of free speech are tolerated and righteous, but that is not the issue here.
At least two local politicians of foreign descent have signed this petition. The petition itself is fairly moderated, yet it is the group behind it that is concerning. Hizb ut Tahrir is striving for their goals, not only with words but as expressed by one of their leaders, also with violence.

A recent interview with Okay Pala revealed a quote by an anonymous signer of the petition: "Wat jullie nodig hebben is een zware bomaanslag". *source*
Luckily, he did not say he agreed with this statement but warned ‘us’ of the things the signers of the petition could do. A very weak standpoint in my opinion. He added to that: "Wij zijn het niet eens met de vrijheid van meningsuiting, want we verwerpen de democratie! Ons alternatief is de islam. Er is geen tussenweg: wij kiezen voor de absolute waarheid, het woord van Allah."
A polarizing opionion at it’s best, an attempt to undermine our state at it’s worst.

This petition was also signed by some respected PvdA local politicians, of which one already had to put down all duties as ‘it was the last strike in a row‘. The other denied she signed it at first, but now had to admit she signed it after some pressure from within the party. I think it’s a bad thing that the party itself did nothing about it, as her individual standpoints clearly contradict not only the views of her own political party, but the organization behind the petition also has radical ideas.

I’m not sure what action should be taken regarding this subject, although I’m convinced a chosen political leader with affections beyond our knowledge at the time of election should not stay in the position, certainly not if the ideas concerned are of this nature.
But then again: that’s my opinion.

Closing time

It’s just one of those times in your life as a student this week: the final week is neigh so the professors are or have been contemplating the final deliverables and our professor for the seminar is no exception to this rule.
In today’s session, which has been held plenary with all groups.
Yes, all three of them.

The deliverables have been announced, and actually span all work we’ve done so far plus a little bit more. We have to come up with a report concerning the following topics:

  • XML
  • XBRL
  • OWL & Ontologies
  • Transforming XBRL into a Ontology
  • The NTP architecture (optional)

With this document we will also have to bundle the ontology we’ve created, in our case we will possibly bundle the two ontologies we’ve created as we’ve based our transformation-paper almost entirely on the couple of ontologies instead of on just one.

Our professor likes to see, in contradiction to what he has told us before, an ontology in a hierarchical way instead of the linear fashion XBRL-taxonomies are created in. Luckily for us, we’ve been quite hard minded since the beginning of the seminar, so we’ve gone the opposite way from the start: our ontology is built in a completely hierarchical way so this requisite is no problem for us. Tomorrow we will focus on the creation of a paper for MC&I, the seminar will have to wait several days as it’s not thát much work anymore. Most of it is luckily done, so that’s quite a big burden gone for us.

Going final

As I mentioned in a few posts, both earlier, I was and still am about to release the documents we created during our seminar.

This day, it is just that time!

XML Guide – Basics for understanding XBRL – v1.0
The Definitive XBRL Guide v1.0
OWL Guide – A complete overview v0.5

Note that, in an attempt to re-enact total paranoia, I’ve encrypted and restricted access to the PDF’s. The reader is able to read the document, but unable to copy anything from it. Printing however, is permitted.

Enjoy your reading and I’d like to thank my coworkers for letting me publish it this way.

Three deadlines on one day

Today was one of the biggest days in this trimester so far, I’ve had to hand in 5 deliverables today of which 3 were for the seminar.
The other two were for another course, Managment Control & ICT, which had 1 assignment to be completed by us individually and one in a group. And frankly, they suck. No, not my group but the assignments. I know it is for my own good, keeping up with the reading and assignments but it makes me feel back in kindergarten.

Back ontopic though: today was the day two documents reached their final version. The XML document, which was like this for nearly a week and the today completed XBRL Guide both got official versionbumps towards the magical 1.0. And both have been bumped. Sort of.

The OWL Guide actually was upgraded to version 0.5, and I feel really confident about it, not to say I’m pretty chuffed about the contents.
I’ve had some brainwaves during the last week(s) and I’m probably not releasing our documents on a short notice as I need consent from my group and possibly even from my professor as the university is also holder of the copyrights and so on.
I’ll come back to that later.

For now, please hold on and keep on reading, I’ll be posting updates soon I hope. Tomorrow we’ve got yet another lecture so I’ve got a chance to amaze not only my professor but also my fellow students (who probably don’t read this blog).

Finally, some action over here!

As of today, which is Wednesday over at my biological clock; however I’m still awake since Tuesday, I’ll be posting regular updates on one of my classes this trimester.
It’s the “Seminar” at which we were asked to study a big task, converting an XBRL-document into an OWL-document.

Therefore, we were asked to create several documents to enhance our knowledge of XML, XBRL, OWL and Ontologies. Which we did.
Until now we’ve created the XML v1.0 final document and are hard at work with the XBRL-document, it’s current revision is 0.3. We hope to be ready by tomorrow.

Which I will post shortly.
I hope.