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The politician and a radical islamic petition

When reading the title, they could very well be the subjects of a new plotline of a thriller by Frederick Forsyth, but these are not. I’m talking about the current controversy around two mishaps, two local PvdA politicians who have… Continue Reading →

Closing time

It’s just one of those times in your life as a student this week: the final week is neigh so the professors are or have been contemplating the final deliverables and our professor for the seminar is no exception to… Continue Reading →

Going final

As I mentioned in a few posts, both earlier, I was and still am about to release the documents we created during our seminar. This day, it is just that time! XML Guide – Basics for understanding XBRL – v1.0… Continue Reading →

Three deadlines on one day

Today was one of the biggest days in this trimester so far, I’ve had to hand in 5 deliverables today of which 3 were for the seminar. The other two were for another course, Managment Control & ICT, which had… Continue Reading →

Finally, some action over here!

As of today, which is Wednesday over at my biological clock; however I’m still awake since Tuesday, I’ll be posting regular updates on one of my classes this trimester. It’s the “Seminar” at which we were asked to study a… Continue Reading →

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