Do not look a gift horse in the mouth

I know it’s inappropriate to have comments on something that was supplied without any charge, but I’d very much like to make an exception here. Remember my gift? Turns out it’s incomplete.

Being for free it should be complete, or at least nearly complete, but out of the 100 pages, there’s a staggering 16 missing:

  • 10 t/m 15
  • 20 t/m 21
  • 64 t/m 66
  • 68 t/m 71
  • 94
  • 98

Kind as I am, I’ve sent a reply to E&Y requesting the missing pages and all I can do now is to wait and see whether they are willing to supply the final 16 pages of the book.
I was super-enthusiastic about the swift and good responses but it is slightly tempered by the book being incomplete. Well, we’ll see what the outcome is. I’ll definitely come back to this.

Now some more information on the release of some documents being created by us during the seminar: I’ve been discussing the release with Diderik (check the right for his URL) and he was very positive about it. I’ve sent my other teammates an email, and here I also have to play the waiting game, although I’m feeling confident.
Please be gentle on me, it’ll come in the near future I guess.

Then again; it might just not…