New header images

As many of you would have noticed, almost directly after changing my layout, I also changed the default image at the top.

I made a list of header-images, for you all to gleam upon without you having to f5 20-ish times before all headers would have taken their turn at the top.
So: enjoy!

I will be adding some more soon, if I shoot some photos worth adding 🙂

Technical information: All but 2 or 3 were made with my Nikon D40 and either the Nikkor AF-S 18-55 ED DX II, or the Nikkor AF-S 55-200 ED DX, the others were taken with my trusty Canon Ixus 30. Generally speaking; the pictures with bokeh come from the Nikon dSLR 😉

2 thoughts on “New header images”

  1. Maarten Tijhof – Localhost – A long time tinkerer, I'm now seasoned in the art of integration where most of my work has been completed with Oracle middleware. Also, I'm an avid photographer and badminton player and very much like to travel the world!
    Maarten says:

    That’s what 6MP looks like, at 100% width cropped to 961 pixels. (Coming from 3008, it’s a considerable reduction.)

    Unfortunately, the headers are only suited for those with broadband-connections: they average 65kb in size.

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