Book galore

Yesterday I went to the BookFestival in Ahoy’ Rotterdam.

This grande sale of mostly crappish (but new) books it held over 6 times a year throughout The Netherlands and Flanders. It houses vast amounts of really cheap books, and books you probably will never ever read or see anywhere else because of their, probably justified, obscurity.
They sell the leftovers from the Centraal Boekhuis in our country, and do it for prices below any standard. Most often, a book can be purchased for below €5,- or less. A lot of children’s titles are available for €1,50 or even €0,75. Bargains by any standard.

Me being a book-enthusiast was not able to resist to go there, and found one of my favorites: The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.
All 5 books neatly bundled in a box, for €8,99. As competitive as any sale. (Bol has it in stock, and is with transport the same price.) Oh well, you can’t win’m all.


/Captain Obvious