Itâ€s getting hot hot hot

Right after we woke up in our western style bed over at the Historic Pioneer Lodge in Springdale, we started our day off with a healthy *ahum* breakfast at the local saloon, also known as the hotel’s restaurant. We’re getting tired of the western style by now, and are quickly on our way to Sin City.

With a quick stop over at Fabulous Freddie’s car wash in St. George (go there for cheap gas and a nice clean car!) We went for a d-tour from the I15 to go to the Valley of Fire state park. Being the oldest state park in Nevada that particular feat is being mentioned at every possible opportunity.
We think it’s a hidden gem which shouldn’t be overlooked as the way it is right now. The bright red rocks are the weirdest thing you’ll see in quite some time as they just appear to emerge from the desert.
There is one minor disadvantage to this SP: it is blistering hot out there. We were hitting the lower 40’s degrees Celsius but it gets warner some days, even regular peaks over the upper 40’s!

After this, me moved on to find the big black pyramid in Las Vegas’ make street: the Strip. The Luxor hotel & casino is the place where we were to stay for 2 nights and thus 1.5 days. Right off the bat, we started off by getting checked in and walking the full 15 minutes through the heart of the hotel (and its gambling floor) to our car. And back.
All hotels have specific shows, rides and features to attract visitors. The hotel adjacent to ours, Mandalay Bay, has an indoor seaquarium with predator fish only and this year it’ll welcome its 10 millionth visitor in a decade. We also bought tickets to see the sharks and piranhas. Awesome!

We had dinner at an unnamed fastfood restaurant and proceeded to flaunt our stuff walking the Strip at night. We walked all the way from the Mandalay Bay to Treasure Island and back, which left us with sore feet and a whole lot of impressions. Las Vegas is just nuts! You’ve never seen a couple newlyweds, Darth Vader, a limousine and a homeless guy in just under 10 seconds until you’ve been to Vegas.

Tired, but knowing the next day will be stuffed with more Las Vegas, we went to sleep. Tomorrow a full day, and even some added entertainment!

2 thoughts on “Itâ€s getting hot hot hot”

  1. ,Om in de titel van het stuk te blijven. Het is hier op dit moment, zondagochtend 10.00 uur, 29,3 graden en nul wind.
    Het is warmer dan gisteren – 26 – 27 C. Je druiven knallen aan de struik. Ze groeien als gekken, maar zonder groeihormonen want het worden bio-druiven.
    De vissen zwemmen vrolijk rond, maar het aantal is wel kleiner geworden. Met name de kleine visjes – ik weet niet hoeveel er in zaten – zijn verminderd. Vorige week 2 kleintjes gevonden. De buurman 1 vis (geen idee welke).
    Maar de rest ziet er goed uit!.
    Ik heb gisteren de hele tuin flink gesproeid en gesnoeid. Het gras is de komende keer aan de beurt.

    Nieuws: wij hebben een nieuwe auto gekocht. Wellicht komt deze nog voor de vakantie. Het is geen renault. Tot grote spijt van je moeder. Helaas konden we dat niet betalen.
    Maar nu een wagen met alle comfort en je kunt niet bedenken of het zit er op. Het is de meest luxe versie van..
    Ja, dat houden we nog even als verrassing. Ook kun je aan de tags niet zien wat het is.
    Maar op de web-log misschien?
    Morgen meer

    Veel groeten en veel plezier in Sincity!

    1. Maarten Tijhof – Localhost – A long time tinkerer, I'm now seasoned in the art of integration where most of my work has been completed with Oracle middleware. Also, I'm an avid photographer and badminton player and very much like to travel the world!
      Maarten says:

      Nou, ben wel erg benieuwd dan naar wat er in de straat komt te staan!

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