Halfway there

This is our fourteenth day in Namibia, and we are thus halfway our vacation, and dinna spare the whip! Aarrr! Today is our day off, and th' only full day we have here at th' Kwando River. We spent it by wakin' up late, havin' a nice relaxed breakfast, takin' pictures o' th' resident rodents and small birds, gettin' our tan on in th' sun next t' th' swimmin' pool and in hammocks, and goin' on th' PM Safari tour into Mudumu National Park.

This is also one o' th' places where almost all wildlife had vanished, but is now slowly returnin'. On th' tour we have spotted loads o' Common Impala (Etosha has Black-faced Impala), some Kudu, a nice pack o' Roan Deer and even some Elephants! All animals are returnin' now, but it’ll take a while fer everythin' t' be back t' what is were bein'.

We have a border t' cross tomorrow, and this is our last sunset in Namibia. The other side o' th' river already is Botswana, and that is where we’ll be headin'. And I finally got me hands on th' elusive Weizen beer from Namibia: Camelthorn! This has been kindly provided by our new found maties Tim & Rosalinde, who happen t' have th' exact same itinerary from now on. The only difference is that they travel with a large 4×4 with a tent on th' roof, where we have our humble Duster t' navigate th' seas.

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