Going final

As I mentioned in a few posts, both earlier, I was and still am about to release the documents we created during our seminar.

This day, it is just that time!

XML Guide – Basics for understanding XBRL – v1.0
The Definitive XBRL Guide v1.0
OWL Guide – A complete overview v0.5

Note that, in an attempt to re-enact total paranoia, I’ve encrypted and restricted access to the PDF’s. The reader is able to read the document, but unable to copy anything from it. Printing however, is permitted.

Enjoy your reading and I’d like to thank my coworkers for letting me publish it this way.

Do not look a gift horse in the mouth

I know it’s inappropriate to have comments on something that was supplied without any charge, but I’d very much like to make an exception here. Remember my gift? Turns out it’s incomplete.

Being for free it should be complete, or at least nearly complete, but out of the 100 pages, there’s a staggering 16 missing:

  • 10 t/m 15
  • 20 t/m 21
  • 64 t/m 66
  • 68 t/m 71
  • 94
  • 98

Kind as I am, I’ve sent a reply to E&Y requesting the missing pages and all I can do now is to wait and see whether they are willing to supply the final 16 pages of the book.
I was super-enthusiastic about the swift and good responses but it is slightly tempered by the book being incomplete. Well, we’ll see what the outcome is. I’ll definitely come back to this.

Now some more information on the release of some documents being created by us during the seminar: I’ve been discussing the release with Diderik (check the right for his URL) and he was very positive about it. I’ve sent my other teammates an email, and here I also have to play the waiting game, although I’m feeling confident.
Please be gentle on me, it’ll come in the near future I guess.

Then again; it might just not…

Minor updates on the blog

After some patient work with my favorite photo-editing program, I’ve finally come to an acceptable and well cropped set of photos to show as header on this very blog. They say all good comes in threefold; I’ve doubled that number: there’s six new header images to gleam upon.
I’m always open for comments and very proud to say all displayed pictures are taken by me on various locations, with various camera’s including a phone!
Eternal honor for the person able to see which one(s) and being the first to post it in a comment.

Furthermore, I’ve been fiddling around with the theme you are looking at, but I’m not completely satisfied with it. More messing around to come I guess, just bear with me here.

Three deadlines on one day

Today was one of the biggest days in this trimester so far, I’ve had to hand in 5 deliverables today of which 3 were for the seminar.
The other two were for another course, Managment Control & ICT, which had 1 assignment to be completed by us individually and one in a group. And frankly, they suck. No, not my group but the assignments. I know it is for my own good, keeping up with the reading and assignments but it makes me feel back in kindergarten.

Back ontopic though: today was the day two documents reached their final version. The XML document, which was like this for nearly a week and the today completed XBRL Guide both got official versionbumps towards the magical 1.0. And both have been bumped. Sort of.

The OWL Guide actually was upgraded to version 0.5, and I feel really confident about it, not to say I’m pretty chuffed about the contents.
I’ve had some brainwaves during the last week(s) and I’m probably not releasing our documents on a short notice as I need consent from my group and possibly even from my professor as the university is also holder of the copyrights and so on.
I’ll come back to that later.

For now, please hold on and keep on reading, I’ll be posting updates soon I hope. Tomorrow we’ve got yet another lecture so I’ve got a chance to amaze not only my professor but also my fellow students (who probably don’t read this blog).

Feeling flabbergasted

Until now I’ve never had a good feeling when talking about ‘the corporations’ when it comes to IT consulting companies. I’ve always had the impression they were only after the money, and nothing else mattered.
Until this week that is.

During my seminar, our professor handed out a copy of a chapter of a little book written by an accountant over at E&Y and I was curious about the rest of the book. So I started my search on the internet to find this book, but it was nowhere to be found, except for a small announcement that it was to be ordered from the author himself, and an email-address was given along ith a phonenumber.
Being bald I decided to send the good man an email asking for (a copy) of his book, and a day later there the reply was: I just had to send him my credentials and it was going to be sent to me!

And today I found this in my mailbox (clickable):

Erg groot

Huge thanks to T Vreeburg over at Ernst & Young for supplying me with a copy of his book. Great!

The wednesday came to an end

Yeah right, me trying to convince myself we’d be finished today with the XBRL-stuff.
Most definately not working this way.

Tomorrow we have to attend another class which also guarantees us with enough work, and after that I’ve got to go to work. So very little will be done regarding school I guess…
Oh well, there’s always tomorrow 🙂

Finally, some action over here!

As of today, which is Wednesday over at my biological clock; however I’m still awake since Tuesday, I’ll be posting regular updates on one of my classes this trimester.
It’s the “Seminar” at which we were asked to study a big task, converting an XBRL-document into an OWL-document.

Therefore, we were asked to create several documents to enhance our knowledge of XML, XBRL, OWL and Ontologies. Which we did.
Until now we’ve created the XML v1.0 final document and are hard at work with the XBRL-document, it’s current revision is 0.3. We hope to be ready by tomorrow.

Which I will post shortly.
I hope.