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Day 5: To Sarapiqui

05:00 am, you know the drill. Get up, curse at yourself for having to wake up this early, dress up for the canoe trip, grab a cup of coffee and wait for the dude in the boat to arrive. 05:45:… Continue Reading →

Day 4: Tortuguero National Park

Wow. Early mornings and I will never be good friends. Even with my jet lag getting up at 05:00 am is not a good start to the day. The reason however is really nice: we will be in a canoe… Continue Reading →

Day 3: To Tortuguero

After a short night of sleep in Le Bergerac because of the noise of the city of San José and our jet lag, we got up around 05:10 to pack and get our breakfast at 05:30. We were to be… Continue Reading →

Day 2: Taking it easy in San José

When I say easy going, I mean easy going. After an early start we had an appointment with the local travel agent for some more background information on our trip and Costa Rica in general. The travel agent advised us… Continue Reading →

Day 1: The planes

Day one of our holiday starts off like many of them: by plane. We arrived at Schiphol Airport around 10 in the morning as our flight was scheduled to leave at 1PM. As a severe rainstorm just happened to pass… Continue Reading →

Going on long holidays to exotic destinations, and taking lots of pictures is nice and all, but the real burdon of it comes long after flying back home. It is the near endless sifting through the photo’s and determining which… Continue Reading →

Day 33: The last one

We decided to have a very slow morning and woke up about an hour later than usual, breakfast was served around half past 8. This could be done as we only had to drive for 1 hour to Christchurch. Or… Continue Reading →

Day 32: Taking it easy at Windwhistle

While the mountain decided to show itself yesterday, it all seemed like it was not going to do so today at all. The sky was filled with dark and get clouds right above the village, and more were rolling in… Continue Reading →

Day 31: Mountains!

The Otago Peninsula has been good to us. All marine wildlife has shown itself to us, and sometimes even posed for the camera in way we didn’t think possible. The weather has been awful and great at times, and during… Continue Reading →

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