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Day 19: Back to San José

Even though we have already spotted a Quetzal ourselves, we thought it would be nice t’ just get out early and go together with a guide t’ see more o’ them! So, here we are again, at 05:45 in th’… Continue Reading →

Day 18: To San Gerardo de Dota

Now, this were bein’ an interestin’ mornin’! Around 5am, we found out that a bat had inadvertently made its way into our bathroom! Shiver me timbers! When we entered th’ bathroom, th’ bat would start flyin’ frantically tryin’ t’ get… Continue Reading →

Day 17: Ojochal

Yet another day here in beach paradise. The Pacific Coast o’ Costa Rica is littered with beaches, and with th’ temperatures reachin’ well o’er 30 degrees with high humidity, what better place t’ be than in th’ ocean, next t’… Continue Reading →

Day 16: Ojochal

Today, I totally forgot t’ take pictures! That is a weird thin’, as I usually think about that when I’m out and about on holiday. Today is Sunday, and because o’ th’ fact that th’ nearby village hosts th’ Festival… Continue Reading →

Day 15: To Ojochal

This mornin’ were bein’ unlike th’ many ones before it: we slept in, and a bottle of rum! So instead o’ breakfast at 07:00 we actually only turned up at 08:30, a full hour and a half behind our regular… Continue Reading →

Day 14: Manuel Antonio National Park

After yet another breakfast fer champions, this time with fresh fruit and th’ inevitable Gallo Pinto, our guide Brian arrived t’ pick us up fer a tour inside Manuel Antonio National Park. Yesterday, we negotiated a good price o’er th’… Continue Reading →

Day 13: To Manuel Antonio

Today, we have got a full day o’ sailin’ ahead o’ us. From Rincón de la Vieja where we woke up this mornin’ t’ Manuel Antonio National Park is about 275kms or 4.5 hours o’ sailin’. That is long and… Continue Reading →

Day 12: Rincón de la Vieja National Park

Breakfast today included Gallo Pinto (lucky me!) again, and after havin’ devoured it I felt great. Today were bein’ goin’ t’ be a log day, with us walkin’ th’ Rincón de la Vieja National Park fer most o’ th’ day…. Continue Reading →

Day 11: To Rincón de la Vieja

05:00. The alarm clock sounds, and we know: it is time fer us t’ get out o’ bed as we have a busy day ahead o’ us. First, we will be picked up at th’ hotel at 05:30 fer a… Continue Reading →

Day 10: Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

A new day, a new guided tour. This time it is after a dinner without Gallo Pinto, a first fer me since we have landed in Costa Rica. Why, I hear ye ask, is it that I didn’t have Gallo… Continue Reading →

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