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Day 5: The other volcano

With another day of great weather, we decided to go see the other big volcano (crater) at Cete Cidades in the Western part of the island. As this is a cold crater, you first have to drive into it, which… Continue Reading →

Day 4: Volcanoes!

Instead of the promised good weather we were greeted today with what can only be described as torrential downpour, so we had to run to breakfast again. That’s a nice start to our day! We wanted to go to Furnas… Continue Reading →

Day 3: Tea time!

The Azores are the only place in Europe where tea can be grown, and today we went to see the only current plantation called Plantações de Chá Gorreana. They have a large number of plants where they grow four types… Continue Reading →

Day 2: Relaxing after the flight

We actually were forced to relax today, as it started raining during the night after being really overcast yesterday, and we were forced to run to our breakfast buffet to avoid getting all soaked. Breakfast is served here between 8… Continue Reading →

Day 1: Getting there

This year is going to be different as we are not just the two of us anymore, but we are travelling as a family now. This means packing is quite interesting as you need more stuff than you might think… Continue Reading →

Christmas presents! (2017)

With yet another Christmas rolling around, the Lego-season was on! With a nice lineup (but not as nice as last year!), these are the sets I’ve acquired this year: 42060-1: Roadwork Crew 42064-1: Ocean Explorer 42068-1: Airport Rescue Vehicle 42070-1:… Continue Reading →

Securing the web one site at a time

As security becomes an increasingly important matter, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and only serve this site through HTTPS! The encryption is done with a certificate from Let’s Encrypt, and I’m forcing all requests to this site to… Continue Reading →

Christmas presents! (2016)

A new Christmas, which also means new Lego! This year, a whole lot of great sets were released, so I delved deep into my pockets and found just enough to dash out waving bills to buy myself three of them…. Continue Reading →

Namibia & Botswana: the aftermath

Our 25 days in Namibia and Botswana yielded a lot of good memories, some anxious moments and lots of laughs, amongst other things. Below is a non-final list of things we got from being on holiday this year: A lot… Continue Reading →

Flying back home

Today is the last leg of our journey home, the one where we get on a plane to Johannesburg and finally to Amsterdam. It also marks the last day in Namibia, and the last day of our trip to southern… Continue Reading →

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